2 comments on “[Request] DokiMiki Night

  1. Oh… Thank you so much for take my request ^_^

    I know is really, really hard to find those episodes, I’ve been looking for them at least one year and a half, without any result -_-;. So, don’t worry and take your time, because it isn’t a life or death question and I can wait as long as necessary. Of course, I will continue to search too!

    If it wasn’t possible to find them, at least I had to try and looking on the bright side, I have found a nice blog ^_^

    BTW, If you want to post them in the blog, I can upload the previous 200 episodes for you in a service like MegaUpload or RapidShare because I haven’t any problem to doing it.

    So, thank you again for your kindness and take care *^_^*

    See you!~

    • okay. But i’ll try to get those missing shows for you. ↲And if it is okay, i would love to put those shows you have at my blog. So if it is okay, could you upload them? It would be great! Thank you. Ü

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