6 comments on “[Downloads] DokiMiki Night: Episodes 001-200

  1. Ah, thanks to you as well. ^^,
    I just added an S_Ikari in H!O and I hope it was you since it was the only one with the same username. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon. ^_^

    And btw, I added your blog on my blogroll. 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s me xD

      I have added you as a friend too ^_^ I saw your added yesterday, but I went to a concert at night and I hadn’t much time for Internet 😛

      Oh… and of course I’ll add your blog to my blogroll too ^_^

  2. No problem there ^_^

    I can think, if you don’t mind, that we can add as friends in H!O because is more easy to contact each other in case that we need something. Anyways, I completed the box with the link to my blog. I don’t know if you know spanish, but anyway you can leave a comment if you need.

    And thanks to you! ^_^

    See you!~

  3. Is like the last link works when it wants xD Because the last night and this morning it worked well.

    If you want, I can upload it again and if not, we can wait a little to see if it fixes. So, you decide ^_^

    Take care. Bye!

    • Oh. When I tried it it was unavailable. lol. I tried it again today and it’s working. Let’s just put this up and I’ll check it up once in a while to see if it works. If not, I’ll ask if you could upload them again. If that is okay, but for now, let’s stick with this. 😀 Thank you.

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