4 comments on “Genki Pika Pika vs. Ponytail to Shushu

  1. Glorious times when bikini shots were a minority in the girls PBs. Then, the Alo!Hello PBs, calmed the fans anxiety for bikini shots and all were happy. Later, since a time to now, the majority of the PBs have become in Alo!Hello… What is the difference between an Alo!Hello and the last two PBs from Takahashi? I’m not saying that I don’t like bikini shots or I want to preach the puritanism or something like that, because that’s no true. Maybe is strange that a man says that, but is exactly what I think.

    About the two PVs… Mmmmm… I haven’t seen them and I don’t want to do it, because my history with MoMusu ended in july 2007 (since then, I haven’t heard anything from them) and AKB don’t attract me in any way. But I see a lot of screen shots and many comments about the two parts. It’s like they think: “Oh… they like to see the girls in bikini. Then, we will give them girls in bikini”. And most ridiculous: “Our rival group has made a bikini PV? Then, we will make one too!”. It’s really logical, taking in count the amount of male fans that they have… Unfortunately, it’s sad, but it’s true and all we know that.

    Before was fun, an Alo! Hello from time to time or a few pictures in a PB, but now, this is boring.

  2. Poking through my tag surfer~
    this isn’t the first bikini PV Momusu’s done

    ^this is

    I’ve commented on this too… though Genki Pika Pika made me think more of BINGO! than Ponytail to Shushu because of them fooling around… and Genki Pika Pika really came across as more of an extra than a PV to me. And I can understand why you’d like Ponytail’s PV, it is professionally made, after all, rather than this random little thing that Genki Pika Pika comes across as.

    • Oh, well, I said it was the first Bikini PV I watched from H!P. 8D

      But anyway, I also watched BINGO! But yeah, it has the same thing with Genki Pika Pika, but even if that has the same idea, I could still say the same thing. Though Ponytail is more professionally made than BINGO, it was still tried to get something different with the camera angles, dance and others. I can’t really compare them, I mean, not really personally and as a music addict. I like both groups. xD

      But yeah, Genki might had been an extra PV, they could still had made more improvements. Right?

      • Same here actually, hahaha.

        True. though I wouldn’t hold Momusu to such expectations with the Genki Pika Pika video because it seems like a random extra than an official PV to promote the album. Though with that argument, C-ute’s Shigatsu Sengen is just as weak a PV, if not even weaker because it was for an album promotion. And I’m a fan of both groups too 🙂 though I feel disappointment over the new song releases lately… too safe/boring :/

        And they definitely could’ve made improvements, whether or not they were willing to try is another story -_-;

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