One comment on “CaptainSaki’s Sticky Post #3: In Need of HELP!

  1. I would want to be your helper!!! But I’m not sure if I could post 2 times a week, because now I’m leaving for Norway I’ll be there 2 months and my mom won’t let me use the computer there and at home my pc might broke down so I would have problems posting at least 2times a week (though I could try posting at least one time but if possible I’ll post more).
    I would love to make post about Berryz because they’re my favorite from H!P and I like Captain a lot though could I also make post about Maasa?
    I like writing so I would definitely enjoy this!
    Don’t worry I wouldn’t post anything unnecessary without your permission.
    What if I don’t know from where are the pictures or other things??? And I don’t really know what information to give from where I used them so could You tell me how to do it properly?

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