4 comments on “CaptainSaki’s Sticky Post #5: BLOG FIXED!

  1. Yeah, I was trying to see how I could put up the pic of captain without getting blocked by the white panel I was going to add. I then decided to make Captain’s pic smaller than the first one. 😀

    Thanks! I will try to finish it by this weekend. 😀

  2. The new layout is so nice. I like it! 😀

    The only thing I find a bit annoying is the text colour at the right column, it’s a bit difficult to read because of the contrast between this and the background. But isn’t a matter of life or death 😛

    Seriously, I like it. Blue is one of my two favourite colours, the bamboo shoots in the background are so artistic and combined with Captain’s pic, gives a very fresh touch to the blog. And I like the distribution of the sections and gadgets too, is clearer now and not so concentrated as before.

    You did a good job! I would leave it as is, but if you want to put more things, I don’t know what to say xD

    BTW, I’m hoping for the 3rd part of the MiyaSaki fic. I’m on tenterhooks! xD

    • Thank you for commenting! 😀 I find people viewing my blog cool but the people viewing and commenting are way better. 😀 Since it helps me see which things I should do better on and what things to change in the blog. ^^

      I read your post 5am today but I didn’t have time to comment but while in between classes today, I was thinking of how to fix the problem with the font color. My sister also mentioned it when I let her see the layout. I thought of putting a little but not entirely transparent white background for the things on the right but then again, it could block Captain. I think there is a way. I’ll just need to see.

      And as for that MiyaSaki fic. I already finished half of it but then, I see current point of view inappropriate for the other half. And so, I resolved the problem by rephrasing the first half into another point of view so it would blend. I find it odd to put up the fic with two different types of pov’s. I’m sorry. I thought I could release it soon but then, I’m still rephrasing it. ^^;

      • It reads better now and most important, Captain is not blocked 😀

        For the fic. Don’t worry, is better you take your time to make it better ^^

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